What to study

What to study

The UNINETTUNO PLUS project is aimed at current or future UNINETTUNO students enrolled on our Bachelor’s Degree Course in Economics and Business Administration or Computer Engineering. Enrolling on one of our degree courses means becoming a student at the finest online university in Italy and one of the top 10 in Europe, with the advantage of online access to content created by top Italian and international professors with constant support from a tutor who will oversee your study path every step of the way. UNINETTUNO students can build their study path based on their educational requirements and level, with the freedom to choose when, where and how to study. UNINETTUNO degree courses are designed to train highly qualified professionals ready to enter the job market and undertake management careers in the various areas of study.

Bachelor’s Degree Course in Economics and Business Administration

Employment opportunities Designed to train highly qualified graduates ready to enter the job market and undertake management careers in the various business roles (management and control, finance, marketing, organisation, manufacturing and technology, etc.) and company types (private and public, for-profit and non-profit) as well as provide consultancy services in the various areas of business management. Paths available in UNINETTUNO+:  

Bachelor’s Degree Course in Computer Engineering

The aim of our Degree Course in Computer Engineering is to train professionals with valuable expertise in Computer Engineering capable of working in the fields of programming, development, use and management of computer applications and systems, computer networks, computer architecture and databases.

Graduates of this class will have the necessary expertise to embark on professional careers in a variety of environments, such as design, manufacturing, management and organisation, and services to technical and commercial organisations, with due attention to risk analysis, safety management during the prevention and response phases, both in private practice and for manufacturing and service companies and public administrations.

The principal direct employment opportunities lie in IT industries operating in the fields of software development, computer networks and telecommunications and in the IT divisions of public administrations and service companies and the IT departments of companies in general.

Paths available in UNINETTUNO PLUS:

  • Computer Engineering.


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