Benefits to your career

The added value of a study abroad period

Experiencing a study abroad period is important in terms of both personal development and career prospects:

  • UNINETTUNO PLUS gives you the option of an internship, work placement or voluntary work experience in the host country to gain initial work experience abroad
  • Obtain a certificate issued by the host university for the courses passed, for application in the job market.

University students who complete a study abroad period have numerous advantages:

  • Cultural experience: Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to live in a completely different culture from their native one. This helps students gain a more in-depth understanding of other cultures and ways of life and develop a more open mentality.
  • Improved language skills: Studying in a foreign country helps students improve their language skills since they are required to use the local language in everyday life. This ability to speak a second or third language can be extremely beneficial to their careers.
  • Expanding your network: Studying abroad also gives students the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and create a network of international contacts, which can be very useful in their future careers.
  • Developing your adaptive skills: Studying abroad requires a good ability to adapt to new environments and situations, which can help students develop greater mental flexibility and become more adaptable to future working scenarios.
  • Greater awareness of global opportunities: Studying abroad can also help students understand the global opportunities open to them and gain a greater awareness of global job markets. This can be especially beneficial for those looking to embark on an international career.
  • Increased job opportunities: Finally, a study abroad period can also increase the future job opportunities open to students. Many employers look for candidates with international experience and language skills, and students who have studied abroad have an edge over their peers who lack this experience.

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